Whats better 30-06 or 270

whats better 30-06 or 270

I would rather have a round which mushrooms perfectly and is still found inside the animal resulting in a very short if any track than something that is traveling so fast that there is no deformation and transfer of kenetic energy into the target.

In the Model 70 with no changes other than adjusting the trigger and making sure all thescrews were tight, including the forend screw the load grouped around.

.270 vs.30-06 and other options for deer hunting.

Personally, I can handle the. I have a. In particular, I find astonishing the popularity of the. Find all posts by Adapter.

whats better 30-06 or 270

Tweet this Post! Buy a 6-24x scope, you'll get lost trying to find him with that tunnel scope. Does anyone out there have a Savage 110 Hog Hunter in a 338 Federal?

THE DEBATE CONTINUES: .270 Win. vs. .30-06

Which I'm not knocking the 270 if all your ever going to do with it is hunt deer sized game. Ever since Teddy Roosevelt was in the White House this cartridge has been fired upon elk, deer, bear, moose, and enemy combatants.

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whats better 30-06 or 270

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.270 vs .30-06

Townsend Whelen killed a variety of North American big game at the turn of the last century with the then new. Those shapes, when combined with weight and diameter help determine what velocity will be retained by the time the bullet meets the game.

whats better 30-06 or 270

Shooting a deer with a bullet is like cutting butter versus elk. I just think the small amount of FPS and Points matter, even if slight. Sep 30, 2015.

The Great Cartridge Debate: .308, .30-’06, 6.5 Creedmoor & More

And for a first time gun buyer, who does not have the input from family and friends as many of us had, getting information is a good thing. It dates BACK to 1917. Also, '06 factory ammo has a lower saami max pressure due to some of the guns chambered for it....

I've killed many elk and deer and antelope with it with no problems.