What is wolverines brothers name

He flees to the countryside after committing his crime, and starts going by the name "Logan.

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He kills so mercilessly and recklessly that Wolverine has no choice but to kill him, then kills himself. In many ways, Wolverine is an unconventional character. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. As revenge, they shot up the Howlett estate. In need of consolidation, she had an affair with her groundskeeper, Thomas Logan.

what is wolverines brothers name

Years later, after Wolverine had long been on the run, his half-brother Dog still had a bloodthirst for vengeance. As adults, these siblings become sworn enemies in the same vein of Sabretooth and Wolverine. It seems like Wolverine's entire family tree, and basically his origin story, is laced in blood within a circle of death.


In most canons, the two are usually just depicted as two guys who always saw each other as competitors ever since they participated in Weapon X together. His name was Thomas Logan; James Howlett would later adopt his biological father's surname when going into hiding. We all have a family that we may call "unconventional.

what is wolverines brothers name

The story of James Howlett's childhood is actually canon in the X-Men movies, too, though I'd forgive you if you forgot about it. During his childhood as young James Howlett, living under the Howlett household of John and Elizabeth Howlett, Wolverine had two close friends: Wolverine , but in Wolverine's originally intended origin story, they were supposed to be even closer than that.

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what is wolverines brothers name

Who is Most Likely to Die? This would imply that young John Howlett Jr. The only thing that could be more unconventional than arguably the most unconventional man to step a foot inside the Marvel Universe is his unconventional family.

what is wolverines brothers name

It was at this age that he discovered his own mutant abilities, and in some vaguely explained scuffle, managed to leave scars on his mother's back. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view.

Is James Howlett Wolverine's Real Name? ‘Logan’ Reveals A Little-Known Fact About The Character

While Wolverine's real name may be James Howlett, to many fans he'll always be known as Logan. Comic book characters are frequently subject to "retcons," where a new writer will change something about a character's history and make that the new canon. Well, at least a brother who was first born. That is, until Wolverine watched Dog commit a heinous crime.