What does quarter to one means

Why Does ‘a Quarter of’ Mean the Same Thing as ‘a Quarter to’?

More questions. Some people use a dot as the separator: Practise Your English. If it is a "quarter of the way to two" this would make it 1: Different rules apply, which are more to do with how light it is. Answers Relevance. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service.

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a quarter to one

Why is prostitution a crime? Do you think society has the proclivity to pressure people into living unhappy and unfulfilling lives? I googled and the answer to this question on Yahoo! Why will no one will co-sign for me so I can move out? As a non-native speaker, I consider a quarter past nine 9: Could you tell me the time please? Peter Shor Peter Shor 62. A "quarter of" to me would mean a quarter of the hour of two.

What does "quarter of 2" mean 1:45 or 2:15?

It's exactly eight o'clock. My professor said a "quarter of" yesterday and I didn't know either.

what does quarter to one means

At fifteen minutes to the hour we say "quarter to" or "forty-five". When someone says they will meet you at "quarter of 2" what time would you expect to meet them? Why is it that some people believe marriage "has no meaning outside of religion"?

what does quarter to one means

Quarter of a dollar is 25 cents. There are 30 minutes in half an hour.

What is QUARTER-TO-DATE? What does QUARTER-TO-DATE mean? QUARTER-TO-DATE meaning & explanation

It's half past twelve. The way people write the time varies. Im from Texas....

what does quarter to one means

The colon is usually used with the 24-hour clock: Best Answer: Naturally speaking Exactly or about Exactly About 14.