What does mass customization means of production

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what does mass customization means of production

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What Is the Meaning of Mass Customization?

Show More Examples. Telestroke is a web-based approach to treating stroke victims who have not been admitted to a hospital. Differentiation of products produced in mass customization is pushed as far back in the manufacturing process as possible.

what does mass customization means of production

Search Compliance compliance audit A compliance audit is a comprehensive review of an organization's adherence to regulatory guidelines. Business Dictionary.

Mass Customization Definition

Flow manufacturing allows producers to deliver new custom products to stores quickly by making them in small quantities. An orphan account, also referred to as an orphaned account, is a user account that can provide access to corporate systems,...

Mass customization may apply to many fields, but many connect it to the retail industry.

what does mass customization means of production

Resources 1 Managing Change: The practice has grown with the Internet since the 1990s, but whether or not it will become the widespread production method of choice is unknown. Six Sigma trainees are classified with a... Also, modular home builders use mass-customization models by allowing customers to make changes to the base home package.

mass customization

Certain furniture companies offer mass customization by providing multiple options for various components or features. Personal Finance. Powered by: Mass customization is a marketing and manufacturing technique which combines the flexibility and personalization of custom-made products with the low unit costs associated with mass production. Your Money. Your password has been sent to: Joseph Pine II looked at the growth of the American economy due to mass production.

Me and my business partner were practicing mass customization and would make everything for the consumer and their needs at the time. Product Development of Wood Products. Small Business - Chron.

What is mass-customization?

Increasing numbers of sophisticated customers are demanding customized goods, and companies are offering a growing number of choices. Significance Mass customization focuses on providing customers with good value for their money and increasing company profits. Dictionary Term of the Day Articles Subjects.

what does mass customization means of production