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Finally, were the description and photos up to par? Was this article helpful for you? Researching pricing this way is free and fast.

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Click "Go" to view the selected invoice, which lists each item you sold on eBay during the month. Completed listings can be accessed using the following steps on a computer: The easiest way to increase sales on eBay is to offer international shipping if you are not currently offering it. Alan Sembera began writing for local newspapers in Texas and Louisiana. Your purchase history.

An unsold item is not always about the price.

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Outperform the competition on eBay to get the sale. You can refine your search further by applying additional filters on the search results page.

see what sold on ebay

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see what sold on ebay

Then, do a better job listing yours. EBay allows you to view invoices going back 18 months. References EBay: For example, did the unsold listing have international shipping enabled?

see what sold on ebay

Go to Purchase history to find details on the items you've bought from as long as three years ago. Ask the community Opens in new window or tab.

see what sold on ebay

Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose completed. Looking at Your Seller Account Activity.

Suzanne's eBay Sales Update January 2019: See What I Sold and What the Average Person Can Do

Before listing items on eBay, and to get the most money for an item you are selling, it is a good practice to research completed listings and price accordingly. Next, take a look at the listing type. When the search results appear, choose the filter option on the top right.

see what sold on ebay

Having the right keywords to attract buyers is essential to driving traffic to listings. Select Advanced next to the search bar.