Praisecharts when hope came down images

Read Luke 7 for yourself.

praisecharts when hope came down images

We can hide behind convenient truth when things are swell, but when our feet are to the fire the deep truth tends to come out. As we spend time in Scripture inspired by Sanctus Real's song "Confidence," the stark contrast between God's way and the world's way rises to the surface.

When Hope Came Down (Simplified)

We live in a very self-centered society these days. That breath changed everything! When you drive up to a traffic circle and encounter a red triangular sign, it triggers a behavior to yield to traffic in the circle. I use this song to introduce us to Hagar, who had to do a little submitting to God's will herself. Join me as we consider the ramifications of our worship.

praisecharts when hope came down images

Comfort first, not controversy. He is the way, the truth, and the life. Read Scripture, but take time to meditate on it and consider what God may be revealing to you before quickly moving on to something else. Compare and contrast what you read from Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Use the lights of Christmas to remind you that Jesus is the true light.

#198: "When Hope Came Down" by Kari Jobe

How much more powerful will this song be when you invest some time in discovering and contemplating a few names revealed in God's Word? Then use this week's song to declare your trust in our beloved Savior. In difficult seasons of life we often seek to know "why," or even blame someone or something as if it makes it all better.

praisecharts when hope came down images

Have you ever been asked to, "Walk a mile in someone else's shoes? How trusting in God is mentioned twice and "fret not" is mentioned 3 times in 8 short verses - Psalm 37: Let's explore the Scriptural basis together.

Sit in a larger chunk of Scripture by heading over to John 18 and 19 to review the details of Christ's crucifixion. Identify the characteristics of your Savior that you may have glossed over in the past.