Krishnamurti con david bohm wholeness

The Wholeness of Life

How would you describe Krishnamurti's role in Bohm's life? At the same time, I think he had questions about his own life and his own work, and was maybe moving towards one of his bouts with depression. Share your thoughts with other customers. DP You're asking me to comment on something I don't know too much about. You know, there's a story about Pasteur.

krishnamurti con david bohm wholeness

I walked up the path to the street and glanced back at Bohm's house, a modest whitewashed cottage on a street of modest whitewashed cottages.

There's always a way, even if what you hear at first is a crazy language.

krishnamurti con david bohm wholeness

The Holographic Universe: The world we seem to live in -- the world of classical objects, the world of Newtonian physics -- Dave referred to as the explicate order. One prerequisite for originality is clearly that a person shall not be inclined to impose his preconceptions on the fact as he sees it. But Bohm could be bracingly clear, too.

If, eight hundred years ago, some of the deepest philosophical minds in Europe such as Dionysius the Carthusian and St. David Peat, who as a young man listened with rapt attention to Bohm's explanations of quantum mechanics on BBC radio little knowing that several years later he would meet his hero seemingly by chance, that they would then become close friends and colleagues, that they would write a book together Science, Order and Creativity , and that he himself would ultimately write Bohm's biography, Infinite Potential: Customers who bought this item also bought.

The breadth and integrity of his vision is powerfully reflected in his reasoning, which is at once lucid, spacious, precise and deeply, mysteriously moving.

David Bohm, Quantum Mechanics and Enlightenment

Although Krishnamurti said, "Truth is a pathless land. And yet he insisted that reality was unknowable--because, I believe he was repelled by the thought of finality. WIE Is there then an overall message that Bohm's life and work seems to hold for humanity?

Or we could say that, in this habit, our thought is regarded as in direct correspondence with objective reality.

krishnamurti con david bohm wholeness

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