How to make real garland for christmas

Carolyn from Colorado. I especially enjoyed the humor! One of the best and most straightforward tutorials I found — thanks!

how to make real garland for christmas

Thanks for your inspiration! This is exactly what I was looking for — real info from someone who has actually made garland. It really depends on how high traffic of an area you keep it in. AND I laughed all the way.

How To Make Evergreen Garland Or Swags

Your directions were right up my alley! Not really sure? Continue adding greenery in this way, piece by piece, until your garland reaches the desired length.

how to make real garland for christmas

They said to soak all the trimmings in a tub of water overnight. It stays green even when dry and you do not risk any damage. Counterintuitively, the best place to begin is with a step that seems like it should come last: I always just use my old garden shears for this project. Either stick with a single type of foliage or mix a few types of greens into a pattern.

I will be using lots of white pine from trees that fell in Sandy. Great stuff — had me giggling often. Once the garland is hung, spot-check it for any bare sections, adding more boughs where necessary.

My mother made some great garland out of holly and ivy last Christmas. If you run into any issues do not hesitate to contact me.

I like the wire the best because it was strong enough to hold the garland together, thin enough to cover easily, and it held its shape better than the rope.

How To: Make a Fresh Holiday Garland

Exactly the instructions I was looking for!! That extra rope may come in handy as you set about hanging the completed garland. In my head it looks awesome.

how to make real garland for christmas

We would totally be friends.