Abounds with examples what are differences

The alleged occurrence of the disease in localities free from mosquitoes or without their agency is not well attested; its absence from other localities where they abound is accounted for by their being of an innocent species, or - as in England - free from the parasite.

English term or phrase: Klaus, the comment about the students was only in reference to those archaic 14th century sentences you used as examples.

abounds with examples what are differences

Michael Sebold. Michael Sebold: The same conclusion is indicated by the absence from the Moluccas and Celebes of various other Mammals, Quadrumana, Carnivora, Insectivora and Ruminants, which abound in the western part of the Archipelago.

abounds with examples what are differences

Sheep abound in the more temperate regions, and goats are universally met with; both of these animals are used as beasts of burden in the mountains of Tibet. Related Words for abound proliferate , flourish , thrive , teem , crowd , swell , flow , swarm , infest , overflow.

abound in/with?

Kim Metzger: View applications. Theodore Fink. The Annals abound with references to the prices and comparative abundance or scarcity of the two staple products, wool and corn. AnneM X.

abound in/with

Copper and lead are found in several parts of the Aravalli range and of the minor ridges in Alwar and Shaikhawati, and iron ores abound in several states.

Turtle abound on the coast, and fish, of which some kinds, as the tetrodons globe-fish , are poisonous, especially at certain seasons. So, it's about which object you're talking about.

abounds with examples what are differences

No difference. Antoinette Verburg: Both maps abound in miniature pictures of towns, animals, fabulous beings and other subjects.

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abounds with examples what are differences

Ferns abound , some of them peculiar, and tree ferns on the higher islands, and all the usual fruit trees and cultivated plants of the Pacific are found.