Who has the highest pollution rate

This picture shows another black cloud rising from a brick factory. The website aqicn.

Mapped: The world's most polluted countries

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who has the highest pollution rate

So while Pakistan, Egypt and Mongolia are among the most polluted countries according to the map below, this only refers to pollution in its cities. More on the agenda.

Pollution Index 2019

The particulate matter in Agra is caused primarily by the practice of burning of scrap tires to extract iron. Tell us what you didn't like in the comments. Pollution haze is visible in this photo of the Taj Mahal. Pakistan's urban areas are, on average, the world's most polluted, followed by Qatar and Afghanistan. In total, air pollution caused about 4.

The most polluted cities in the world, ranked

In 2016, the latest year in WHO's database, Delhi was in sixth spot, having recorded its highest pollution levels in six years. Experts suggest replacing driving with walking, biking or taking public transportation.

Port Harcourt, Nigeria — "The air is thick with the soot," Ezekwesili said. The good news is that many cities are monitoring air pollution, Neira said.

who has the highest pollution rate

Home News Sport Business. In this photo, activists in Raipur are seen protesting the deaths of 13 women who were sterilized in a government-run medical program.

These are the world's most polluted cities

Overcoming the paralysis of trust management across a fractured IT landscape Adam Ghetti 26 Feb 2019. Open in app. Story highlights 9 out of 10 people in the world breathe air that is highly polluted, a new report says Air pollution is found in the home and outdoors About 7 million people die each year because of this pollution, the WHO says.

My details. In 2016, Delhi came at sixth spot with PM 2.

who has the highest pollution rate

The banks in the distance are obscured by pollution from the bustling brick-manufacturing industry. Delhi Delhi: Chinese cities such as Xingtai and Shijiazhuang and the Saudi refining hub at Jubail were also highly polluted, but the data for those places was 4-5 years old, and Maria Neira, WHO's head of public health, said China had made big improvements that India should follow.

Port Harcourt, Nigeria — The cause of the soot is has been a mysterious to residents, but many think it's related to the destruction of illegal oil refineries.

who has the highest pollution rate