What you know about me remix comps

I will personally be reviewing each remix so do your best. I primarily make progressive house and have had releases on X, Y, and Z, one of which you can listen to here insert link.

what you know about me remix comps

Gathering material There are many ways to get your hands on material for remixing. If youd like you can make your own Artwork id like to see some creative ones. I'm Excited to hear what new flavor you guys can bring to my track!

what you know about me remix comps

Download this guide as a PDF. May 31 2017 Key: So far so good.

what you know about me remix comps

Another thing that helps you stand out is a good pitch. Challenge Another question you need to ask yourself is how difficult do you want this to be? Remix This 166. I still remember trying to produce a remix from just an acapella. I like to get the track almost out of context.

what you know about me remix comps

However, because the competitions usually feature tracks by big artists, you can get insight into how they put things together, and access to professionally made material. How to get approached for remixes What if, instead of having to pitch labels and artists, you were the one who got pitched? Benjamin Ortleb.

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However, keep in mind that unless you win the competition, any remix you make will not be an official remix. Your criteria might be as follows: Back to remix comps. You make noise. Remix This 170.

Listening Room Mode. So i started... The UK-based artist is making waves with signature releases on notable underground labels like 3am, Decay and Find Your Own.


Finding independent competitions As mentioned above, some remix competitions are run through platforms and others are run independently. Sorry, there was an error. Have good branding Branding is essential.