Top ten strongest animals every where

top ten strongest animals every where

Another familiar animal on this list is the largest living primate which can weigh up to 200 kilos and have a height of over 1. Some of the antibiotics that they produce exhibit strong activity toward drug-resistant cancer cells. They can reach up to a length of 6 inches. To put that in perspective, try to imagine giving a piggy-back ride to 850 people at once.

Top 10 Strongest Animals

They are the largest beetles in the world and can be as large as 6 inches. Leafcutter Ant. A large number of bones of whales, found to date, have evident traces of deep scratches, as if from large teeth. The so-called Mountain Stone Weta can be frozen in ice for several months and then just resume regular life when it thaws, as if nothing happened.

top ten strongest animals every where

They used their immense tusks for digging, to defend predators and to fight with other male African elephants. Since their nasal openings are located on the top of their head, they are able to hide from prey while staying almost completely submerged underwater. In brute strength, elephants are the strongest mammals and the strongest land animals. It is generally believed that sharks are predators feeding on small animals.

The lion's primary habitat is the grassy savannahs of Sub-Saharan Africa—at least the "king" point makes some sense. Join our Newsletter.

top ten strongest animals every where

Males battle each other for females and most tigers fight each other for territorial disputes. With their strong and broad wings, eagles fly up to a height of 10000-15000 feet.

Top 10 Strongest Animals In The World

Dinosaurs like the Brachiosaurus or Supersaurus would likely top any list devoted to animal strength if they were still in existence today. They have sharp, stout teeth that can rip through flesh easily.

top ten strongest animals every where

Oxen are the only domestic animals to make it to the list of the strongest animal in the world. For those reasons, adult rhinos have no real natural predators—except, sadly, humans.

Cape Buffalo. The animal kingdom is full of amazing feats of nature like the ability to camouflage, fly at great heights and incredible strength is one other such quality.