Tokyo jungle ps3 how to unlock animals

Despite the slightly repetitive gameplay after playing it for awhile, I eventually had unlocked all the Carnivores in the game with only unlocking a couple Herbivores, stopping around the Dairy Cow. Even then, they where pretty bulky. A great thing about the game though, that even playing as these final Animals, it was still incredibly difficult if you just went fighting everything and didn't plan out a survival strategy.

For predator challenges, any edge you can get will help.

Tokyo Jungle: The Extra Animal

Don't have an account? I always found that the Playstation 3 had some very interesting exclusives hidden withen the Playstation Store. When I went to select the Dilophosaurus, something strange caught my eye.

tokyo jungle ps3 how to unlock animals

They were fairly accurate depictions of the Deinonychus, and the Dilophosaurus, which Jurrasic Park did mess up. Answered Does the game affect your animals? CloudyMusic 10.

Animal List

This can be harder to do at times, since the prerequisites often involve changing generations, and you often have other challenges which changing generations will fulfill. This question has been successfully answered and closed.

tokyo jungle ps3 how to unlock animals

Though it had a major draw-back. Can someone help me with this?

Tokyo Jungle Answers for Playstation 3

Spazticus Spazticus 6 years ago 4 Animals have to be unlocked using another animal, with the exception of DLC animals - bearing in mind that DLC animals cannot be used to unlock any others. D also whats with the things lie a treasure hunter, big bunny? And yes, the Animation for eating them involved the Pteranodon ripping out their guts.

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tokyo jungle ps3 how to unlock animals

Some of the animals have various colorations or other genders such as the cats with color variants and Blackbucks with gender choices. Do you mean how to do it in general, or like a list of the order in which you unlock animals?

tokyo jungle ps3 how to unlock animals

Once purchased you never have to pay for them again. Does the game affect your animals?

What do the G's next to the animals mean? Watching it, it just seemed so fun and unique, being able to play as animals in such a feral, wild environment. Retrieved from " https: After a few months of thinking about it, I decided to beg my parents to buy me the game. Well, for the cat, play as the pom, go to the start menu, look at challenges, go to the bottom, second from the bottom you will see the requirements to unlock the cat.

If I were to pick one Video Game that was incredibly weird, obscure, and needed more publicity, it would be 'Tokyo Jungle'.

tokyo jungle ps3 how to unlock animals