Qt how to hide a tab

You can retrieve a pointer to a page widget with a given index using widget , and can find the index position of a widget with indexOf.

qt how to hide a tab

The page widget itself is not deleted. Hiding a tab in QTabBar widget. Hiding a tab in QTabBar widget Noremac's simple answer works for me, 6 years later.

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[Development] Hiding Tabs in QTabWidget

Removes all the pages, but does not delete them. TopRightCorner const Returns the widget shown in the corner of the tab widget or 0.

qt how to hide a tab

Use setCurrentWidget or setCurrentIndex to show a particular page. See also setTabEnabled and QWidget:: Call addTab or insertTab to put the page widgets into the tab widget, giving each tab a suitable label with an optional keyboard shortcut.

The default value is style-dependent.

qt how to hide a tab

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Hi, I hope I understood correct, 1 QWidget:: This is the same as document mode on macOS. I can reference the tab widget through mywindow. Hilk Mucip. Dear J.

QTabWidget Class

I wasn't able to make it work exactly as you have shown: Just use removeTab and later, to add it back, just use the findChild function to pull up the tab it's still there, managed by the UI object, even after being removed from the tab widget. Join Date Apr 2013 Posts 3. Of course if you also need disabled grayed out tabs this method won't work. If enable is true, the page at position index is enabled; otherwise the page at position index is disabled.