Lissie everywhere i go meaning

lissie everywhere i go meaning

In early 2010, she toured various venues in the United Kingdom supporting Ohio-born singer-songwriter Joshua Radin. The album has three singles: Danger will follow me Everywhere I go Angels will call on me And take me to my home This tired mind just wants to be led home.

Lissie - Everywhere I Go Lyrics

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Lissie Song Meanings

My aunt passed last year, and it sort of was always nice to get on stage and sing it, feeling like hopefully, she's out there. Make my profile public at. Tell us about "Everywhere I Go" and how it came to you, and what it means.

lissie everywhere i go meaning

And I'll fall on my knees And danger will follow me everywhere I go Angels will call on me and take me to my home. Lissie — Everywhere I Go. Everywhere I Go song meanings. It's just whatever comes out in that moment that I'm thinking about what I'm singing.

Sleeping At Last - Everywhere I Go (Lyrics)

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lissie everywhere i go meaning

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Lissie lyrics

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