How to play soul man on guitar

how to play soul man on guitar

In Ex. Happy-happy, joy-joy! Cropper dropped his parts three frets to the key of E when performing with the Blues Brothers.

Soul Man tab by Sam And Dave

Home Technique Artist Lessons. And he manages to do it all with fewer notes than anyone else!

how to play soul man on guitar

For the next few choruses, Cropper grooves on a single-note bass riff like the one in Ex. Move it up to sixth position or stay in first position and play the same shape on the fifth and fourth strings over the IV chord, and transpose either of these moves up a whole-step to cover the Vchord. On the third pass, Cropper syncopates and breaks up the moves in bar 1, playing them a whole-step higher for the A change, before concluding the eight-bar section with similar syncopations over G , plus a barely audible open- E string.

How to Play Like Steve Cropper

Try substituting a quarter-note-triplet-based rhythm in the same spot. Not many guitarists could resist the urge to mimic Booker T. Hear Cropper talk about and demonstrate his work on the song at playitsteve.

Booker T.

Learn How to Play "Soul Man" by Sam and Dave

Here, Cropper takes off with a series of succinct solo licks, beginning with Ex. Instead of simply releasing the bend to sound the third note, Cropper adds extra edge by silently releasing the bend and picking the Bb before pulling off to Ab.

The decade between 1961 and 1971 found Cropper—armed primarily with a Fender Telecaster and various Fender amps from the period—cranking out hits with Booker T. When Cropper, who already had his acoustic guitar part in the can from the original sessions, overdubbed the high electric parts depicted in Ex.

how to play soul man on guitar

The same sixth- and eighth-fret transpositions apply to the snarly lick shown in Ex. He outlines the G chord in bar 1 with partially hammered major third intervals reminiscent of both Mayfield and Hendrix , arpeggiates a B6 chord in bar 2, uses chromatic major thirds to descend from C to A in bar 3, and decorates bar 4 with pulled-off suspensions before repeating the whole deal. Guitar Aficionado. Start it with an upstroke and observe this important detail: Finally, Ex.

how to play soul man on guitar

In fact, if Cropper never played another note after 1971, he would have still achieved guitar immortality. In case you missed it, Ex.