How many m1 tanks does isis have

Made in America, But Lost in Iraq

These mostly seem to be stills from unreleased videos and tend to show spectacular explosions, but not the state of the vehicles after the attacks. As many as six M1s were captured by ISIS back in 2015 , which then put into use on the battlefield to push deeper into Iraqi territory.

The report from the Office of the Inspector General confirmed what had been widely circulated information from as far back as 2015 that the Iran-backed Popular Mobilization Forces, or PMF, had become the new owners of the Abrams.

how many m1 tanks does isis have

We are working to restore service. All rights reserved. Flames are then seen coming out of the hatches. We are concerned that a small number of M1A1 tanks may be in the possession of forces other than the Ministry of Defense and Iraqi. The latter is a Yugoslavian weapon that has been widely used by insurgents in neighbouring Syria, but is rarely seen in Iraq.

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how many m1 tanks does isis have

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. While the exact number of Iraqi M1s that ISIS got their hands on has never been fully acknowledged, the count is believed to be at least 40. We ask our submitters to thoroughly research questions and provide sources where possible. The 1,500-horsepower engine can push the M1 to speeds approaching 40 mph, but the tank only gets a little over half a mile per gallon of fuel used.

The contractor expressed pride in his work in Iraq.

Nine Abrams tanks fell into the hands of Iranian-backed militias during anti-ISIS fight

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Watch ISIS terrorists scream and cry in the face of SAA tanks

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how many m1 tanks does isis have

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