Doctor who the satan pit tumblr

Here he is pausing to wonder if he should smash that vase.

Is this Sutekh in another form? David Tennant makes some amazing faces. If you talk to Rose. Meanwhile the rocket is taking off with an unhappy Rose onboard.

doctor who the satan pit tumblr

Things are going to get exciting for him. Weird CGI devil is laughing at him. Realization that the mind of the beast is on a rocket with Rose. After all this, these two are just perfectly fine down there.

doctor who the satan pit tumblr

The captain is alone with a bolt gun for defense, with one bolt. He said your name. Ida told Rose the Doctor fell into the pit.

This is just so delightfully creepy. Despite crawling through ventilation shafts for their lives, Rose and the crew boys still manage to make a few butt jokes.

Confused Companion

She wants to go down into the pit. This is really well done. Rose is keeping everyone on track. This just seems like a rubbish idea. Bye, Mr. Rose is freaking out a bit that Satan is coming out of that pit. Possessed Ood have taken over the station.

doctor who the satan pit tumblr

Ten talking at the beast is making me smile. This show, you guys. Doctor has woken up, can breathe the air. Love that Rose is about to save the day and the Doctor has complete faith in her. I want an epic Doctor hug like that.

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