44014 jet rocka instructions how to tie

Instructions For LEGO 44014 JET ROCKA

Interesting poll you have there, by the way! A red trigger on the handle at the back of the jetpack flings the wings up and the Zamor launchers forwards.

Unlike Furno Bike or Speeda Demon, the Technic assembly here isn't covered up as well, and looks really messy. If you pull the trigger quick enough, the launchers can knock the windscreen closed in the same swift motion.

LEGO Hero Factory JET ROCKA (44014)

The Constraction system is amazing though, because a simple build such as this yields a completely playable action figure, with proper proportions and 13 points of articulation 18 if you count the visor and core claws.

Don't get me wrong, this is still a decent set, but something's missing. Load up process Trans-Green under Blacklight!

44014 jet rocka instructions how to tie

Again we see the size of the thrusters, and the impressive wingspan of the set. Now, onto the set! I'm generally not too fond of Rocka, but you managed to make very sweet pics of his jet pack, which really starts to warm up to me.

Posted July 6, 2013. This review answered the main question I had which determines whether Jet Rocka is a good set or not: It's a real shame too, because this year the medium-sized heroes were in fact reduced in height by one module, which made their proportions a lot more bearable.

As it stands the set seems rather pointless in the scope of things, though knowing me I'll eventually pick it up anyway. His reinforced leg joints are great for posing on one leg, but more importantly they support the weight of both Rocka and the massive flight pack. There is only a single instruction booklet, which is large in area and satisfyingly thick. There's no reason why this HAS to be the case, but for a kid you expect more expensive figures to be bigger, regardless of whether they already have more weaponry and armor than their smaller counterparts.

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I will be in the States soon, and they have sets for a lot cheaper than Canada, so it may be worthwhile to invest in Jet Rocka while I am down there. There is no frictional resistance in the trigger for the wings, so they will fall into a closed position when the jetpack is upright, and an open position when the pack is horizontal.

For a Hero Factory set, I think it's overly Technic based, without the neat weapons and armour slapped on top that you'd usually expect. The jet pack is honestly the show here and it looks great, but Rocka sucks.

44014 jet rocka instructions how to tie