Whoosh bottle experiment materials letters

A mixture of alcohol and air in a large polycarbonate bottle is ignited. Jump to main content. Dms12444 Plasmana Reply 10 years ago on Introduction. Select a safe, level place for the demonstration, with at least 2.

whoosh bottle experiment materials letters

More by the author: AP5943 Price: For this reason, up to 4 bottles may be required. Set out the bottles containing the alcohols and the beakers at least 1 m away from the demonstration.

This provides a sharp contrast to the ignition of a small volume of methanol vaporized in the jug. Teaching notes.

Everyday materials. Tryed that at home with a close to empty mentholated spirits bottle. Resources Whoosh Bottle. With the detailed procedure and safety information provided, you too can safely perform this popular explosive demonstration in your classroom. By kentchemistry.

Whoosh Bottle—Chemical Demonstration Kit

The demonstration is performed with a dry five-gallon 20-Litre water jug. Very cool.

whoosh bottle experiment materials letters

Talk Chemistry. A hydrogen powered rocket. A single demonstration will take 5 — 10 minutes.

How to Dramatically Demonstrate a Combustion Reaction (Whoosh Bottle Experiment)

These have a volume of 16 - 20 dm 3. Solids, liquids and gases. Share it with us!

whoosh bottle experiment materials letters

Surplus liquid left in the vessel may ignite and set fire to the vessel as well. Not to mention the great customer service. Animals Microbiology. The bottle must be made of polycarbonate marked PC and of no other material. And even then it would probably have plastic in it that would melt. Rockets Class.

whoosh bottle experiment materials letters