Who knows where the time goes writer

A song of endless endings and beginnings and of faith in the cycles of the wheel..

who knows where the time goes writer

This is Q. More examples of rhetorical questions:. Find its accidental beauty.

who knows where the time goes writer

When the song's first third announces that the speaker and the speaker's fellow dreamer won't leave here, the question that this announcement answers isn't the one that is more relevant to the speaker's interest, which is the question of. The third and final verse suggests the singer has a lover near and that it is their presence which banishes the fear of time, along with the knowledge that the birds will return in Spring.

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"Who Knows Where The Time Goes?" lyrics

And I am not alone while my love is near me I know it will be so until it's time to go So come the storms of winter and then the birds in spring again I have no fear of time For who knows how my love grows? Experience hardens the dreamer and warns that, as the cycle of the seasons turns, so loss will be recurrent on the journey through life.

who knows where the time goes writer

Nominate as Song of the Day. Birds started it in order to see their flight path. Art prefers to be doctor rather than patient or sickness; it treats pains but tries not to be one.

Sandy Denny - Who Knows Where The Time Goes? Lyrics

Like Loading... They are all only guesses, interpretations and attitudes - not facts that can be known to be correct or incorrect. This title is a rhetorical question.

who knows where the time goes writer

Most of all, is it alive? Name required. Does anyone know what time and year it is? After living in this place with their parents for many years, they decided that now they are old enough to leave it, to find a place where they can make a new home of their own.