What is 4chan x-men

Also, the big resurrection in Uncanny Avengers? An X-Factor book from Rosenberg. No Professor on the team. Magik returned Doromu to Umar in exchange for their help splitting off a part of Limbo for the mutants.

Comic book clairvoyant. X-Haven is another dimension not another planet.

Scotching Those X-Men 4Chan Rumours – And Telling You What Is Really Going On

Sometimes right, sometimes wrong, sometimes pure fiction, depending on the person who posts. Wolverine was already coming back and he is going to be on the team. It may be nothing more than fanfic.

what is 4chan x-men

Sunspot not funding or leading. After Scott goes public and Quentin carries out his massacre, Black Bolt would rather see mutantkind wiped out, causing Medusa to dump him.

what is 4chan x-men

The success of X-Men Red It was a success, congratulations. And killed a lot of innocent Inhuman kids as part of the massacre.

what is 4chan x-men

Comic book clairvoyant. Sunspot will be funding it and leading. Yu is doing covers, and Jordan White posted some snippets online before this was posted. And as for X-Haven, where the mutants are seeking sanctuary, that seems to make some kind of sense too.

Romanian X-Men [ORIGINAL]

So Scott martyrs himself for Rogue, pissing off Beast in the process. Wolverine is not on the team.


Chief writer and founder of Bleeding Cool. Which is also the kind of thing that Bleeding Cool gets accused of, but I hope our history is a little better than that.

what is 4chan x-men

Political cartoonist. Also, Scott only goes public because Rogue threatens to do so first. What usually happens is that you get a mix of things that have been mentioned elsewhere, rumours that have run on Bleeding Cool and a load of made-up nonsense, some of which are on the money. Bishop, Cable, and Jubilee are going to be a big part of the team, as is Psylocke. Uncanny X-Men will be multi-shipping at points, like many Marvel books.

what is 4chan x-men