How to unclump spaghetti

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There's NO reason to toss pasta! I don't want mac and chees - just want to find a way to prevent the pasta from sticking together and clumping when it's been sitting a while or it has been refrigerated over night. This answer to your referenced question should address your issues.

how to unclump spaghetti

Recommended Posts. Leave the pasta in your collander so any excess oil drains also.

how to unclump spaghetti

Another thing you may want to try is taking your clumped cooked pasta, covering it with tepid water and breaking apart by hand. A good pasta should not be transparent when seen in direct sunlight, but it should be of a nice pale yellow color and opaque. Sign In Sign Up.

how to unclump spaghetti

Way to go gang. The above are pre-storage ideas.

how to unclump spaghetti

I found this site and it looks pretty cool. Oct 3, 2007 14. If the pasta is just for you at home then turn it in to really cheese Mac cheese if its for customers, break it up asgently as you can , add lots of a tomato or cream based sauce and what ever else your going to add and finish it off in the oven.

Can you unstick pasta when it becomes glued together after...

Oct 2, 2007 5. Peter the eater. That's a myth. The important part is step 3: Sign up using Email and Password.

how to unclump spaghetti

Posted October 2, 2007. I have also stored left over spaghetti in cold water, but I don't think there's much difference.