How to reach lohagad from lonavala india

Lohagad is a good trek for beginners. The hanuman darwaja is the oldest of the quartet The remaining three doors were built by Nana Phadnavis, The space between the second and the third door contains some cellars used as granaries. Anonymous March 15, 2017 at 4: However, that depends on how old are they.

how to reach lohagad from lonavala india

To Trek to Lohgad during July, the challenge would be to walk all the way from Malvali station the very next station from Lonavala towards Pune by local to Lohgad. Thanks for the mention and the kind words. Mumbai to Hyderabad Flights.

How to reach lohagad from lonavala station or...

Anonymous July 8, 2011 at 5: Zoom in to see updated info. Things to Do. D life is short treks hard ;.

how to reach lohagad from lonavala india

Bangalore to Chandigarh Flights. Further, food is not easily available on the route. There are two methods of reaching Lohagad fort. A panoramic view of the Pawna dam can be seen from the fort.

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HOW TO REACH lohagad fort

Feb' 27 2010: Soon, you should come across few huts, houses along with a few shops etc. Since the place is located in the heart of maharashtra, knowledge of Marathi- the local language would be an added advantage.

how to reach lohagad from lonavala india

Delhi to Dubai Flights. I am told that some ST buses also ply in the region but you will have to make inquiries at the Lonavala Bust Depot for proper guidance. Good luck finding the way! Western Maharashtra: The road ahead is very steep with couple of sharp turns, but safe. Being a traveller blogger i find you have a very good writing sense due to which you explain details about many destination perfectly, Your blog is like books of Lonely planet for various travel destination.

how to reach lohagad from lonavala india

After picking up enthusiasts along the way, our numbers rose to 17 with a couple of office collegues joining in. A drive from lonavala towards Ambi Valley will bring you across Lion Head Point of Tiger Valley that has an enchanting view from an altitude of over 3000 feet. Travel feed: