How to pass 380 candy crush

Licorice Tower Clear 64 jelly squares.

how to pass 380 candy crush

As you can make out from its placement, all the double jelly is located at the bottom of the screen - beneath the 2 hit blocks. You will need to work hard to get special candies again, if you can so that you can remove more sections of jelly before the chocolate takes over. You waste untold lives when most of the time you can hardly get half the jellies broken. This level is on a par with 350.

Solution for Level 380 (Pudding Pagoda)

If you clear both cakes at the same time the hammer or party horn or whatever it is only clears the board once instead of twice, leaving you with an extra layer of jelly on the bottom blocks.

It is wise to work on the color bombs, but look for any opportunity to make a special candy too. Broke one cake,then the other,made a few vertical stripes meanwhile. Lucked out and got several color bombs. To pass this level you have to clear 23 jelly squares. Definitely doable with right board, but boring in between.

Candy Crush Saga Level 380 Tips. To remove the blockers on level 380 you will either need to activate vertical striped candies, striped and color bomb or wrapped combinations or remove the color bombs.

how to pass 380 candy crush

This a tough one, clear cakes ok, but then I do not get any combos.... Seems like luck-luck-luck. Try to clear the pizzas separately.

Candy Crush Level 380 Cheats and Tips

Got it after just a few tries. Been 380 for ages.

how to pass 380 candy crush

Crush this level by getting more than 135000 points and get all 3 stars or at least get 115000 to get 2 stars. Licorice Tower Bring down 2 hazelnuts and 2 cherries and score 40,000 points to pass this level.

Candy Crush level 380

There are cake bombs, which could help with removing the blockers or jelly though, but the 50 moves will nevertheless not leave much time to achieve this. Subscribe to: Any striped or wrapped candies you make up top, let them drop to the bottom and use them there unless it is a vertical striped candy. Getting the darn bottom cleared is.

how to pass 380 candy crush

Level 380 video walkthrough strategy. Really really glad to leave this episode behind me.

how to pass 380 candy crush

Candy Crush Cheats Unlimited Lives. How many points are required to get the stars? This one is crazy. Starting with extra moves could be helpful in this game and the sweet tooth and bubble gum troll boosters could be useful to keep control of the chocolate during game play.