Apache redirect whole directory 411

But the rest are like pests that just eat away at your resources and deliver no value to you whatsoever. RewriteEngine on RewriteRule search. Depending on the number of inbound links, this could result in a large number of 404 errors.

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You will be prompted for a password, which will also be stored, using the md5 encryption. As you can see, RewriteBase allows rewrite rules to leverage the web- site path to content rather than the web- server , which can make them more intelligible to those who edit such files.

It's much easier, safer, and faster to configure Apache using the httpd. I would go as fas as to say that because of this you almost need to split the rewrite user communities into two categories and treat them as entirely separate: Apache is extremely weak explaining how rewriting works for this use case. This alerts the web server that the index.

apache redirect whole directory 411

You can include as many IP addresses as you like, one on each line, with a deny from directive. To find commands, the server looks in the module's command table. Usernames and passwords for the. When a request is made to a web server for a URL which does not specify a file name, the assumption built into most web servers is that the URL refers to a directory.

IndexIgnore secret-image.

What happens if you have a directory full of documents or other resources, no index. The linked documentation describes each one, but here they are anyway: Hi Joshua, yes that is correct.

apache redirect whole directory 411

In addition to his writing here, he has authored engineering guides and other long-form technical manuals. There was no incentive for those with access to httpd.

Web Server: Enable Directory Listing / Directory Browsing with .htaccess & create files with no name

Password hashing without the command line. One with RewriteBase, the other without:.

apache redirect whole directory 411

If you want to add other file extensions, you can simply edit the last line. When a user logs in, the plain-text password is entered and run through the same algorithm.

apache redirect whole directory 411

Also, sometimes I'd say if you have a rule set up it can stay in your browser's cache so my advice would be to clear cache, re-open your browser or try a different browser to double-check if the redirect is in your cache or not. This, of course, is easily accomplished by simply placing your blog in the root directory. Redirect vs.

Be careful with either of these, though. Options -Indexes Enabling Indexes If your web server has disabled indexes as part of global configuration, but you do want them, you can enable them with the reverse of the above command. I totally agree. Sorry, I upvoted the question.