What is a swayback adjustment

Ah, ok, yes that does make sense! Like 3 years ago?? After reading your post I have a much clearer understanding.

what is a swayback adjustment

Thank you! Same problems here! I do question how bizarre my proportions must be to require such gritty determination!

How to Make a Swayback Adjustment

Thanks so much. BUT, it is a good opportunity to show you a sway back adjustment! This pattern is in dire need of neck darts and really snug under the arms! I think you and I could be body doubles by the sound of it Anne! Laurel was my first ever finished dress and I still remember the frustration and tears while making it. Looking back, my method could be described as almost but not quite random pinching out, narrowing, etc. Well yes. Glenda Sparling May 17, 2016 at 8: I think a great experiment would be to take your original shift and add a small FBA just to prove or disprove whether adding some length to your front pattern piece made the back relatively shorter.

Which kinda defeats the point of buying a pattern.

what is a swayback adjustment

Anything to with fitting draws me like a magnet!! The second dress went much, much more smoothly. I also had to lower the bust dart by 3 cm. That post will be up later this week.

Fitting: Sway back on a Colette Laurel (Pt I)

Thank you for this! Perhaps thats why the fisheye darts help? Thanks for this tutorial — your demonstration is excellent, as always! Best wishes!

what is a swayback adjustment

Thank You! Maybe, maybe not. If I put a hessian sack on my body, my boobs will stick out and this will create diagonal lines emanating from the apex to the high hip.