What causes nasal congestion in the winter

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what causes nasal congestion in the winter

Last name. The nose is one of the first portals of our upper respiratory tract. We treat a wide variety of conditions related to the ears, nose, and throat for both adults and children.

what causes nasal congestion in the winter

Give them a call today. Some people are predisposed to being more sensitive to this reflex and may have stronger reactions. Regardless of the air temperature, the relative humidity in the back of the nose is around 100 percent and the average temperature is 78 to 86 degrees. There are quite a few reasons that cold weather can bring on sinus symptoms. One key reason: That's gravity doing its work.

Why Do I Get Congested at Night?

Not only can your ENT tell you why your sinus problems seem worse in winter, they have solutions! Look for your first email in your inbox soon. First name. While these tips are helpful for anyone who suffers from increased congestion at night your doctor will likely recommend further treatments once the cause of your congestion is identified.

But for many people, sinus problems really flare up in the winter months.

Is the cold weather causing your runny nose?

Dry Air. The heater is great for keeping us warm, but it also dries out the air. For example, while we are standing up during the day, mucous is constantly running from our nose and sinuses into the backs of our throat and being swallowed.

what causes nasal congestion in the winter

Thank you, , for signing up. The air outdoors is less humid in the winter months.