I like men who wear dresses

It's absurd that a man in a dress warrants discussion - but I'm stared at every time I go out

Her latest book, Man-Made Woman: If we didn't enforce gender norms at all, I suspect that the average person would far more androgynous. Also, ponytails aren't always lazy and "comfortable"; I don't have to tell you that they can be quite elegant.

i like men who wear dresses

My appearance causes others to think. Bored of masculinity. Of course men should be able to wear anything that women get to wear. Add a New Topic.

i like men who wear dresses

I like the process of selecting outfits, matching up jewellery and shoes and putting on makeup. There is nothing gay about this because gay guys do "NOT" want to dress up in this type of clothing; and this is "NOT" cross dressing because these are "NOT" guys trying to be women or look like women; they are "NOT" wearing all the make up and all of that stuff.

John Galliano said it was time to "liberate" men from boring suits and streetwear.

15 Things Men Wear That Women LOVE

And if I know this, there are plenty of other guys who know this, too. Least to Most. Show those same people a kilt and they'll call it manly and applaud the respect shown for fine old traditions.

Here's Why You Might See More Men Wearing Dresses

And we want a different and cool chick. Does globalization increase education and does this cut terrorism?

i like men who wear dresses

Of course men should wear skirts or dresses. And the simple answer is that people just don't know anything else; don't understand this belief.

i like men who wear dresses

When we grow up as human beings, We might not even see this as more than a stupid question based on prejudice and fear. It's their body, not yours!

i like men who wear dresses

Guys already see women as these beautiful, whimsical creatures, and when you wear a sundress, it just plays into how we view you even more.