How to make tomato chutney for dosa

Total Time 10 minutes. They add flavor and balance the tang. How to make tomato chutney Heat a pan with oil.

how to make tomato chutney for dosa

Servings 3. Palak paneer recipe…. Tempering is optional. They also help to balance the sourness or tang of the tomatoes.

how to make tomato chutney for dosa

Related Articles. Fry onions and garlic as well for about 3 to 5 minutes until the raw smell of onions goes away.

Andhra tomato chutney recipe | Spicy tomato chutney

Iron 11. I generally do the roasting of dals and cumin in large quantity and use whenever needed. Or pour this tempering to the tomato chutney.

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Hi Swathi… Tried this recipe with peanuts…. Cool it completely. Pav bhaji recipe ….

Tomato chutney recipe | How to make onion tomato chutney recipe

Then make adjusts as needed. The color of the chutney may vary based on the type and number of red chilies used. To fasten the cooling I transfer it to a plate and spread it.

how to make tomato chutney for dosa

If you like you can follow this step. More tomato chutney varieties Andhra style tomato pachadi Instant ginger tomato pickle Tomato pickle recipe. I loved it!!!

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how to make tomato chutney for dosa