How to make jellied gasoline

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how to make jellied gasoline

Notice that it will resist flowing out of the container. Napalm B, more usually just called napalm, is an example of a gelled sol. Homemade napalm can be made as follows: Engine oil can be added to to the mixture to reduce slow the burn time of the substance.

The glass container will contain a semi-rigid sol. On their own, naphthalene and palmitate are relatively harmless substances.

how to make jellied gasoline

Instead, polystyrene and benzene are used as a solvent to solidify the gasoline. Although the sol is a liquid, it behaves like a solid in that it maintains its form.

how to make jellied gasoline

Napalm is often used in combination with gasoline or jet fuel to make a bomb with a thin outer shell that easily explodes and ignites upon impact with a target. Keep all materials away from children and pets.

Napalm is a mixture of polystyrene and an adhesive mixed with diesel or petrol, which has been used for disposing of culled animals. Modern day napalm uses no napalm at all! Related Posts.

How Napalm Works

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How to Make Napalm

This project is best performed outdoors since gasoline vapors are volatile and toxic. This chemicals section is currently predominantly used in Wildpro to link different data types and demonstrate inter-relationships.

How to Make Homemade Napalm

Military leaders decided that they needed something to make fuels thicker. Any similar-size glass container is fine. Louis F. A safer napalm is now used, known as "napalm-B", super-napalm, or NP2, and which uses no napalm at all. Napalm as we know it today, was developed at a secret Harvard University laboratory in 1942 and was intended to be used as an incendiary device for buildings and structures.