How to grow the best dahlias

I now appreciate the weeks and weeks of feeding, clipping, disbudding, and staking that went into that show at the New York Botanical Garden. Dahlias bloom best when they are planted in full sun and fertile, well-drained soil.

How to plant and grow dahlia tubers

Wish I had more room. Once they're dry, simply put them in some sawdust or peat moss, and toss them in a big paper bag no plastic!

how to grow the best dahlias

We recommend fertilizing dahlias in containers much more often than those planted in directly in the ground. Change the water in your containers daily. Plants grow up to 60' 5 feet tall.


Look for the Black Dahlia in Hollywood history, not at the garden center. Mulching around the base of the plants helps reduce moisture loss. See below. Already a subscriber?

Growing Dahlias

The thousands of dahlias we see today are all hybrids from one ragged wildflower that's native to Mexico. Plant bulbs in the springtime and prepare to be wowed!

how to grow the best dahlias

Cut Flowers Best time to cut your flowers is in the cool mornings, but can be done anytime during the day. Never store in sealed plastic bags or plastic containers.

how to grow the best dahlias

Growing Dahlias in the Beginning: Photo by Don Paulson. I've been completely in love with Dahlias ever since my husband got me some for our Thanksgiving centerpiece, and now I want to add them to my garden.

how to grow the best dahlias

If there is any rot, cut it off, and be aware that if the tubers are dried out, they may not thrive or grow. Harvesting flowers is good for the plants and encourages them to continue flowering month after month. The Dutch hybridizers got their hands on it years ago, and were thrilled at how easily it took to various crosses, changes and "improvements.