How to fix messed up thin eyebrows

how to fix messed up thin eyebrows

Those who do not create natural-looking brows make a big mistake. Your natural eyebrow hair will create a slightly raised area where your eyebrow once was located. The best concealer for hiding dark circles and blemishes. Did this article help you? So, what you need to do is simply blend the product well, so that it is not visible anymore. This treatment will cover all aesthetic aspects and help you to achieve the shape and colour you have always wanted to have.

Wet your hair and then use a fine tooth comb to part your hair right above the highest point of your eyebrow. Doing this, you will not just make them more natural looking at the front, but also making them look more gorgeous like never before.

This is a temporary situation, and you'll look like yourself again in no time. The final, more permanent option is to look to cosmetic tattooing. It may look a bit shiny, so go over it with another layer of powder.

Ways to Fix Messed Up Eyebrows

Post continues after gallery Lena Dunham age 20. I accidentally burned off a small portion of my eyebrow.

how to fix messed up thin eyebrows

So, what do you do now? Mamamia Out Loud. You can use your other eyebrow as a guide for where your missing brow should begin and end.

Here’s how to fix your thinning eyebrows

It even involves adhering synthetic to stick that unnatural hair to the natural ones. Stand one foot from the mirror and locate the visible hairs. If you are a brunette or a redhead, look for a color that is one shade lighter than your hair. In fact, according to dermatologist Zoe Diana Draelos , over-plucking in our youth is the most common cause of eyebrow loss in maturity.

how to fix messed up thin eyebrows

Yes, doing it too harshly can instantly make them look drawn or fake. When doing this, you will get to see some adhesive stencil being used on your brows. In this case, less is safer. If you still have one of your eyebrows, this might be a little easier--just match the pencil to the shade of your eyebrow hair. About the Author Tabitha Harwell has been writing since 2008, with articles appearing in local publications and various websites.