How to edit new articles

Image caption The BBC News website has a team of sub-editors It's always advisable to have at least two pairs of eyes to look at a piece of work before it hits the web or goes to air. More on this story.

how to edit new articles

Continue Reading. Government U. Here are some simple instructions:.

how to edit new articles

How to write for the web. Be certain your supporting points clearly reflect and support the main objective.

Teacher resources: Top tips for sub-editing

I thought I'd try to provide a few answers. Click on Preview, at the bottom of the article, to review your changes. Pay particular attention to words with apostrophes. Need to cite a webpage? There's a full School Report guide to the relevant parts of media law here , but these are the most important things for the sub-editor to remember:.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Editing

Edit Related wikiHows. Now to some people, this may sound surprising, as if we're putting words in people's mouths. Cookies make wikiHow better. About the Author.

Learning to Edit News Stories Quickly

What our editors expressly do not do is change a point of view. Activity - Spot the deliberate mistakes! In other languages: How would we resolve the Town X issue?

how to edit new articles

It means that simple - and sometimes not so simple - mistakes are much more likely to get spotted before it's too late. But how can a student journalist learn to edit more quickly? This doesn't mean the writer can't still argue that there are other ways to deal with Town X's crime problem - he just can't say that the force's decision to change came out of the blue. Make sure you know your topic inside and out.

how to edit new articles

But our editing process gives writer and editor plenty of time to sort out any misunderstandings before the article goes to press. You are already subscribed to this email.

how to edit new articles