How to call india from malaysia landline

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how to call india from malaysia landline

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how to call india from malaysia landline

Try Voice Credit, it works just like an online calling card with prepaid credit. By knowing the proper codes to direct your call and using free apps, and video chats, contacting residents in Malaysia is quick and easy. To dial a landline, you must enter the 1-2 digit area code before dialing the local number you are trying to reach.

Dial your country's exit code.

how to call india from malaysia landline

To call India from Malaysia, dial: Calling Asia. How to call a mobile number in India from Malaysia: After you have correctly entered in the exit code, country code, area or mobile code, and the local phone number, you are ready to make your call to Malaysia.

International Code For India Is 0091.

Dialing Code for India is 91

Apps such as WhatsApp , Skype , and Viber will allow you to call internationally, free of charge. Cell phone numbers in Malaysia will consist of 9-10 digits including the mobile code.

how to call india from malaysia landline

The exit code for Japan is "010. Did this article help you?

Dialing Code for Malaysia is 60

If you're calling a landline, remember the area code can vary between 2-4 numbers, while it's usually 9 for a cell phone. Dial India from Columbia. Skip dialing the entire number. Thanks for letting us know.

Making an International Direct Call

Note that Japan is the only country with this exit code. Finish the number. With CallIndia, calling abroad couldn't be easier: