Homestuck what is my god tier

Costumes provided by the lovely seyvee here: Write some pesterlogs between some characters that didn't get enough development, or never really got to talk to each other.

Homestuck God-tier Aspect Quiz (beta)

What are you going to do now, once you've grabbed a weapon and beat up a few imps for experience? Your real-life buddies!

homestuck what is my god tier

Yes, I think gendered classes are silly and don't want any gendered options! A multiplayer competitive game. A visual novel or similarly mostly-story-based game without a focus on gameplay.


It seems that you get better results if you come up with an answer to the question before looking at the choices. Enneagram and the 16 factors are interesting to look into! Some kind of turn-based strategy game would be ideal. If they tied for lowest, choose what you think you need to work on the most to grow. Take that, supporters of ships you don't like!

homestuck what is my god tier

You're taking a break from your game and browsing the stranger parts of the internet when you come across a link labeled "SBURB Beta". Regardless of your choice, some other people decide to start their own session, dooming the Earth to a meteor apocalypse.

homestuck what is my god tier

Your mind would work significantly faster, and you'd have control over your brain's neuroplasticity. Your favorite book, TV show or anime, or related merch.

Homestuck Title Test

With the right choice of words, you can make anyone love you or hate you. Back away and find another route.

homestuck what is my god tier

Better to just play things safe when you have no idea what his beef with you is. Manipulate history from the shadows! Your favorite character, because your teammates are tools anyway and you don't care if they die.

homestuck what is my god tier

Chiefs need to learn to channel their aggressive nature productively and to coordinate others. Through making things that aren't 2d visual art. Yes, because you love the idea of causing the end of the world. Have a question about what your title means? If you were level 5-9, your aspect responds to your lowest factor.

Homestuck: What is your god tier aspect?

At the same time, you see your co-player's house off in the distance being assaulted by high-level enemies. Probably just your best friend or romantic partner. More edits: