What equestrian discipline suits you well

what equestrian discipline suits you well

Dorset Caroline Carter Recruitment Ltd. Job Description; Daily care of horses ; mucking out ,feeding ,turning out ,lunging.. Advice for Employers. Horse racing is known as the sport of kings, whether it is this royal support UK or otherwise or the billions spent on betting every year behind it, the financial backing the sport benefits from is clear.

It actually takes a high level of athleticism, including a lot of core and leg strength.

what equestrian discipline suits you well

But what about a pony that can piaffe like Valegro? Racing yards are quite unique in their daily routine.

What riding discipline suits you best?

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what equestrian discipline suits you well

Required Expertise The Event groom must possess a minimum of 3 sets of hands and a turbo warp speed button. It is undeniable that if you work within an equestrian discipline that actually interests you and suits your personality traits and experience levels, then your working life will be much more fun and you will thrive in that role for longer periods of time and to a good level, everything else being equal!

We get a lot of young horses to work with so a quiet, confident rider is essential.

Which Equine Disciplines Reflect Your Character?

Millions of horse crazy little girls want nothing more than their own ponies. You should be a good schooling rider able to restart horses on the flat and over jumps and bring on younger horses. Hunt yards tend to have a fairly set routine with certain days being hunt days and everything else revolving around that. Mix of experienced horses and youngsters. Equine Careers Life as an Equine Groom. Stowe School Equestrian Centre.

Which horse riding discipline suits you?

It would be beneficial for job seekers to keep this in mind when choosing which discipline to work in next. Riding a horse can be a lot of fun, but you'll find there are a lot of styles and disciplines to choose from!

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what equestrian discipline suits you well