Ka fuh incense wholesale

We are the original source for premium Japanese incense and the first authorized to carry many products. A light floral scent that delights the senses. Great care and attention has been paid to the design and production of the boxes, which are richly decorated and nicely themed to match the fragrance within.

Dear Friends: Nippon Kodo Incense. Large Box incense from Nippon Kodo offers great fragrances, beautiful looking boxes and value for money. Avoid crowds, traffic, exhaust fumes, and save time and money by shopping online at Ecclecstacy Arts If you are looking for an Incense please contact us. Pick 15 40 100 250 gram.

ka fuh incense wholesale

We are currently updating our website and are not taking any NEW orders at this time. Continue Shopping. This fragrance is clean, crisp and very floral. Related Items. Incense Sticks From India.

ka fuh incense wholesale

We think you will be delighted with this natural incense. These have a higher price, but a lower cost per stick.

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ka fuh incense wholesale

Ecclecstacy Arts. Bring the feeling of the orient to you. A Low Smoke Japanese Incense.

Ka-fuh Lotus Incense | Box of 430 Sticks by Nippon Kodo | Low Smoke

Lavender Incense Reminds you of a Lavender garden in summer, uplifting and pleasing, but not overwhelming. Ka-fuh Japanese Incense from Nippon Kodo - a range of low smoke Incense sticks with distinctly floral aromas. Scroll down for a description of each scent. Each stick is 6 inches long and the average burn time for each stick is about 25 minutes these low smoke incense sticks burn slower and thus last longer than others.

Ka Fuh Incense Sticks

Incense Cones - From India. Pin It. Whether you enjoy flowers, fruits or woody aromas Nippon Kodo makes them all. Ka-fuh Lotus - An elegant and gentle floral fragrance. Imagine sunlight filtering through the branches and leaves of a cool forest after a rain shower as the mild scent of blossoms waft softly.