Join yarn when knitting wide stripes

5 Things You Should Know About Color-Changing Yarns

Simply work a project in rows or in the round and what was once a plain project magically turns into something special! So I started fiddling with the strands trying to keep them together and preferably look nice.

join yarn when knitting wide stripes

In this Article: This will prevent an ugly knot appearing in an obvious place, like in the centre of your scarf! There are no knots except at the very end of the panel or project or square.

Your edge will be stretchy, and the side stitches uniform even if you use several colours and knit them into wide stripes. Thank you for reading this far. And it does work fine if the stripes are narrow and we knit with just two colours. The wool dye lot will match if you do this. When you knit with a ball of yarn, it will eventually run out and you will need to start a new one.

join yarn when knitting wide stripes

To create this article, 11 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Yarn that is dyed so it changes colors is great fun to knit or crochet. The edge still looks nice, but the strands got visibly longer, and it's harder to control the biggest issue this way has - tension.

Using this way, we don't carry the yarn up. At the beginning of a right side row, take the "resting strand" and knit the first stitch with it. Sue 26 Jul 2014 Is there a way to change yarns without tying a knot? This article discusses the exact stages needed to change knitting yarn.

join yarn when knitting wide stripes

If the piece is very narrow, the same colour may last for several rows. This way seems to be the most popular one. Repeat these steps starting with every right side row. Slide the new yarn up to the base of the first stitch and tighten the slipknot.