How to wet sanding sponge plaster

how to wet sanding sponge plaster

Doing it by myself would have taken too much time and hassle - and there is no guarantee that it will come out better. Dip and then wring sponge.

Difficult to bring down high points without also affecting surrounding areas.

how to wet sanding sponge plaster

It must be kept in either shed or loft after the work, and when not used. Drywall dust is the byproduct of sanding drywall with a screen or sandpaper. If money was no object, that would be the best - just pay to get it done.

The Dos and Don’ts of Wet Sanding Drywall

You will need a nearby source of clean, warm water. And I was thinking if I could spray water from the water spray can, or rub the plaster wall down with wet sponge before sanding with orbital sander to reduce dust. Yes, my password is: Yup, this time we got matt emulsion paint ready to mist coat and then even top coat too. If pouring the water down your sink drain, flush with hot water to prevent any buildup in the pipes. Do you already have an account?

how to wet sanding sponge plaster

Wet sponge sanding significantly reduces the dust in the air. An overzealous approach can also lift or tear the drywall joint tape underneath the mud.

Wet Sanding Drywall Mud to Make a Dust Free Room

Using the moisture to do the work, not your hand pressure, work on any ridges and spikes. Astramax , Jan 17, 2018. Move the sponge in broad, circular strokes.

I can see your logic however unpainted plaster will suck moisture up like a sponge so I think you'll be fighting a losing battle, no doubt one of the decs will be along soon who can give more advice but I've never known anyone to dampen before sanding.

how to wet sanding sponge plaster

Drywall joint compound is a messy product at any time. Sponging is more difficult and takes a lot longer than dry sanding, however, and requires more patience.

how to wet sanding sponge plaster

Deleted member 33931 , Jan 16, 2018. The main value of wet drywall sanding is to smooth out and feather those ridge edges. Theleman , Jan 18, 2018. One thing that wet-sanding does that dry-sanding does not do: Aim to smooth away imperfections without creating valleys or holes.

Wet Sanding Plastered Wall before Painting

Theleman , Jan 17, 2018. But most problematic thing would be clearing up after plastering - I recall plaster drops on the floor were tricky to clear up and took long time and effort. Since you are now using matt, it'll be as easy to fill and sand as the plaster itself.