How to make peanut butter suet cakes

We have made this recipe a few times with slightly different variations with good results. I made at least three recipes last winter…12 squares. It is supposed to end up being a dry cake.

Suet Recipes

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how to make peanut butter suet cakes

Stumped for dinner? I wonder if it depends on the peanut butter brand since some are wetter than others?

Summer or Winter Homemade Bird Suet

Too kool. Close board name. The ingredients in our peanut butter has so many bad things in and will potentially kill the birds and definitely their babies…. Fat Peanut butter Nuts Dried fruit Corn meal Bird seed For this Instructable, we used bacon fat, beef suet, peanut butter, peanuts, raisins, cracked corn, and later remembered to add corn meal, oatmeal and whole sunflower seeds. And, I have found a shortcut… I use crunchy peanut butter instead of smashing peanuts.

how to make peanut butter suet cakes

Join the Conversation Upload. They will run those pesky breeds off. The woodpeckers seem to like it, and it holds up to the summer weather too. Then mix in the flour and cornmeal and remove from heat.

DIY: Peanut Butter “Suet” Cakes for Birds

It has no smell and is winter white in color. They usually take off when they hear a door open. Plus if you read the ingredient list in some of the ones you buy, they have artificial flavors! Without the leaves, birds will find the suet feeders easily and will spend time foraging in the tree for other food.

Please use caution with the hot, hot grease.

how to make peanut butter suet cakes

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how to make peanut butter suet cakes

Put in micro 30 seconds to melt.