How to do the 654 club

how to do the 654 club

BTW, the concierge does that job, now, if you have the cash. Cocktails and card tricks, the way magic was meant to be seen.

Wayne Dobson also has a very funny version, but I agree with Dan above and am currently working on an original script. Of course, it all works out great in the end. Play with this a few times and you will see that you can add more cards and invent a story. Read all 628 reviews. All rights reserved.

Also he has a bonus effect called "Radical aces" in the end which is a show stopper as well.. Excuse me..

how to do the 654 club

And Cardini was nothing more than cards, cigarettes and a monocle. Education Advanced Search. Try this, you can do it.

Give it a try and report back how it went! Pick up each stack without mixing them. Thanks for all your help! It's before a national audience and he's "on".

Get even closer to the action in the "654 Club" - Picture of Chicago Magic Lounge, Chicago

What ever he did with all the talk and his hands, he got the kings to the top of the deck. Here you can find a version of the same effect, performed by Marco Aimone in the middle of the page, the title is "le carte raccontano".

The time now is 07: Shuffle and start telling a story. Good luck. Use of any index or listing Software for the purpose of constructing a mailing list, creating promotional materials or producing a printed or electronic catalog of any kind is expressly forbidden without the prior written permission of InspectionNews.

how to do the 654 club

However, with the last one closing in 1999, the city has lost the true art of "Chicago-Style Magic". Should answer all your questions. AaronTheMagician Loyal user 291 Posts.

Here's a fun idea: As long as you remember to completly update and personalize the script you are all set.