Explain how rainfall occurs when energy

explain how rainfall occurs when energy

The rising water vapour then cools, condenses and falls as water or ice. Instead of relying entirely on rainfall to fill the tank of water on top of the house, a home owner could have a similarly sized tank or pool at ground level and build a mechanism catching water that rises due to evaporation. This webpage looks to describe the energy generating potential of a single US household using only the amount of precipitation falling on their home and compares it to the annual household electric usage of about 6000-10000kWh per year.

This storm then took aim at Cheney Lake and State Park.

Rainfall as an Energy Source

Thank you for registering with Physics World If you'd like to change your details at any time, please visit My account. There are practical applications that arise from this effect, however. Obviously, many power lines and power poles were blown down, severing power to all three towns. The variance can also be perpetuated by powerful weather systems.

Rain drains energy from the atmosphere

Did you know that without rain, most of our planet would be like a desert? Water vapor then gets into the atmosphere through a process called evaporation. The most notable occurred 2 miles northeast of Elbing, where Henry Creek overflowed, closing 150th Street as well as the 150th Street Bridge. Studying the total amount of rainfall on an entire river valley, yields vastly different results.

Understanding Convectional Rainfall

Dzioubinski and R. Morgan, Lee. If you touch the sidewalk with bare feet you can feel this sensible heat sensible heat: Falling rain heats the atmosphere more than expected When it comes to dissipating energy in the atmosphere, the humble raindrop punches way above its weight.

As the evening progressed, the severe thunderstorms , continued to unleash 80-100 mph winds.

explain how rainfall occurs when energy

What was the energy source for the water cycle? Even in the rainiest place on earth 13.

explain how rainfall occurs when energy

Click image for larger view. The total amount of potential energy of the rain water in the tank would be equal to about 70 kJ per cubic meter of water. This gravitational potential energy is simply equal to the product of mass, height, and gravitational constant 9. This article shows basic calculations and estimates for the amount of energy that could potentially be harvested from rain. Case 1: