Dizzy when i close my eyes drunken

I've never been drunk.

dizzy when i close my eyes drunken

Ottawa, Canada Registered: I must be drunk. Hi, I am been having this problem despite consulting a doctor.

I'm drunk and the room is spinning

Maxine warner says: Sleeping Troubles - Help? I was at work one day and felt very dizzy. I feel dizzy for almost two yrs. You may have a vestibular condition, that can be successfully treated.

Any of the aforementioned could stress your immune system and thus your vertigo more frequent.

Do you feel disoriented and dizzy when you close your eyes while drunk?

If it happens again, just sleep on your side. But nothing worked for me. Unless you consume too much.

dizzy when i close my eyes drunken

Jun 4, 2001 Posts: It is frustrating but then I try to keep a positive attitude and tell the man upstrairs, realy, is this the best you can do, or like, bring it on. Botany Dave. In fact, it is the third most common symptom reported to primary care physicians in the US, according to the National Institutes of Health.

dizzy when i close my eyes drunken

I like that drunk where I've got a beer in my hand and a smile on my face, but i can still walk to the toilet. Hi, Please help me, I am suffering from dizzyinees. Mar 6, 2011 8. The feeling as if you are about to black-out or lose consciousness.

We strongly recommend that you go see a doctor for these symptoms to determine the cause.

Why is it when you close your eyes after drinking alcohol you get real dizzy?

Due to a lack of understanding about symptoms and available treatment, dizziness is often incorrectly treated or ignored. Plz suggest me something!!

dizzy when i close my eyes drunken

Is swells and becomes deformed which leads to vertigo. February 25, 2014 at 5: This lasted for a few hours. Doctors has confirmed that seeing my scan I am having H-pylori so I should not eat any spicy or sour items.

dizzy when i close my eyes drunken

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