Whole wide world bahamas cover

You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Sallie Ford, North Carolina born and raised, cut her musical chops in Portland, and her sound fuses roots, rock, jazz, and soul. The vast majority of covers of the song are relatively faithful to the original—in many cases, the singers even feel obligated to put on a fake British accent. Nick Lowe.

Whole Wide World

This version, by Canadian guitarist Afie Jurvanen. It has been covered by some fairly well-known artists, including the reunited Monkees , The Lightning Seeds , the Wallflowers, Mental as Anything , Paul Westerberg and the Wedding Present—but we will try to move beyond those and present to you five good, different, covers with, of course, more bonus covers beyond those already linked to in the introduction!

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whole wide world bahamas cover

E-mail required. In Memoriam: Glen Campbell. Five Good Covers presents five cross-genre reinterpretations of an oft-covered song.

whole wide world bahamas cover

An alternative to depunkification was used by Jesse Hartman, recording as Laptop, who transforms the song into a brooding, blip-and-bloop-filled synth-pop tune. Covering the Hits: It is a relatively simple song, using only two chords, and its simplicity, and the earnest belief in true love that it stands for, has given it lasting popularity.

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Returning home to finish the song, he found his girlfriend waiting for him, and broke up with her as he continued working on it. It is, instead, a sleepy, comfortable rendition, in the mold of Jack Johnson. Apparently needing to up the ante, in 2007, the brothers released this cover, globally expanding their search area.

whole wide world bahamas cover

While he walked the streets of Hull trying to avoid her, the song came to him, and he wrote the lyrics on an envelope, sitting on a bench. Using traditional folk instruments, they turn the song into something that might have been played by a later incarnation of Fairport Convention, or the Waterboys, particularly when they segue into a jig.

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It has the amateurish quality of the original, if not the edge, and sounds pretty much like it is—a singalong among friends, some of whom are actually talented musicians. Despite that nice gesture, Eric, consistent with his reputation as a prickly, difficult person, has often been quoted making disparaging comments about Costello.

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Whole Wide world (Bahamas cover)

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