What do cin3 cells look like

Describing abnormal cells in the cervix Abnormal cells in the cervix may be described in different ways using different terms. Visit be.

what do cin3 cells look like

CIN 2 is moderately severe and compares to moderate dysplasia. The line is open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

cin3 smear result can anyone give me support :(

November 2015. Latest news and stories. February 2016. How relationships change. I suppose my main worry is cancer, I never thought I would have to say that word in reference to myself and everytime I think of it I burst into tears.


January 2017. For most women, mild cervical cell changes will go away on their own without treatment. November 2010. The patterns do not necessarily appear throughout the whole lesion. The colposcopic features that differentiate an abnormal transformation zone from the normal include the following: Coarse punctation and mosaicism tend to occur in more severe neoplastic lesions such as CIN 2, CIN 3 lesions and early preclinical invasive cancer.

CIN lesions do not contain glycogen and thus do not stain with iodine and remain mustard or saffron yellow areas.

what do cin3 cells look like

So these are changes that are not cancerous and they are fully treatable. Stories of Discovery.

what do cin3 cells look like

So many people on here have had cin3 and come out absolutely fine. Be SunSmart. Not a member yet?

what do cin3 cells look like

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