What are some good marine movies

Angry, hilarious, vulgar, selfless, courageous, rowdy, they all seem to fit, at least to the Marines we knew.

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Or sign in with a social account: The battles that occur in this mini-series, in Guadacanal, in Iwo Jima, are the very definition of hell on Earth: Still, this has been an excellent year, fueled by Netflix and Amazon's willingness to make the kind of movies that we don't get from bigger studios these days. Patton during WWII.

what are some good marine movies

Levine and Richard P. Johnny Rico is a U. Here's the thing, though. Adam Schumann, the real soldier played by Teller in the movie, has found some peace after getting treatment, so the movie ends on a positive note after spending two hours in a brutal exposure of the lack of emotional and medical support available to many veterans who are struggling after serving in a war zone.

Honorable Mentions: From L to R: Skip to content. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Marines have a special pride in being Marines. The characters in the film don't know anything about strategy or the bigger picture of the battle.

Top 5 Marine Corps Movies

Director Richard Linklater's latest movie is about three Vietnam veterans who reunite in 2003 when one of their sons is killed in Iraq.

The film has Eastwood entering a gentrified Marine Corps as he has to whip a misfit platoon into shape right before they're called on to invade Grenada. Persian Gulf War? Gettysburg Tony Scott, Adrian Moat Framed by former President Abraham Lincoln's famous Gettysburg address, this documentary takes a hard look at the battle of Gettysburg from the perspective of the soldiers on either side of the...

what are some good marine movies

Craig Hlavaty. Photo Credit: While not all of these films feature war, they all use military service as a central theme. Kate Mara plays Leavey and the movie features her combat experiences, her struggles with post-traumatic stress and her fight to allow Rex to live with her after the dog retired from combat.

what are some good marine movies

Pitt plays his part in an over-the-top way that makes sure that anyone who's paying attention knows that he's not starring in a serious drama.