How to treat scale rot at home

What's New? There are many causes for this condition, and most begin with a scratch or some sort of shell wound.

how to treat scale rot at home

Biopsy of the affected tissues is often recommended. She'll have no problems letting you know what to do and if a vet visit is called for. In mild cases topical antibiotic ointment may be the only treatment necessary.

Identify And Treat Mouth, Shell And Scale Rot In Reptiles

Biopsy of affected scales or scutes may be diagnostic. The man we got him from is a rack builder and says his staff takes care of his snakes which was his excuse for its condition, i didnt even ask to see his smaller animals so im not sure if all the babies had the same thing or not. Vivaria Designs. Oral cleaning with specific medications may be necessary, but it is important to avoid additional tissue damage by overzealous cleaning of affected tissues.

In some cases, tumors appear in the tissues surrounding the mouth.

how to treat scale rot at home

Many snakes are very sensitive to these requirements being met and are not very forgiving if temps and humidity levels are too low or too high. For this reason, it is always important for a veterinarian to biopsy the affected tissues in order to procure a diagnosis, especially in cases where ordinary treatment does not resolve the clinical signs. Poison Dart Frog. Edit Module.

I need help from anyone that has treated bad scale rot (photos included here)

Deficiency of vitamins A and C have also been thought to be a contributing factor It is always wise to be aware of the conditions of your snake's enclosure and to always spot clean any time you see feces or urates in the enclosure. It may even be recommended to slightly amp the temperatures or provide UV lighting if not already in order to possibly aid in killing off pathogens.

Although infections typically from punctures or bites may occur in terrestrial turtles and tortoises, shell rot infections are most common in aquatic turtles. Cytology can uncover inflammatory cells present in the area.

Diluted to iced-tea color with warm water, povidone-iodine solution may be used as a flush.

how to treat scale rot at home

Snake Gastrointestinal Tract Anatomy Know your snake inside and out with this snake gastrointestinal tract anatomy overview.

The best way to treat mild scale rot is to begin by quarantining the snake.

how to treat scale rot at home

Is that why his vent area is the way it is? Most animals predictably defecate shortly after consuming a meal. Keratin scutes are attached to living bone underneath, so if the infection erodes deeply enough through the shell, it can result in osteomyelitis, a bone infection.

I mist him sometimes so could that be the cause of it? If we cannot get the area to clear up in a few days-week we will absolutely take him to a herp vet. In some cases a normal condition may be misdiagnosed as infectious stomatitis, especially in green iguanas Iguana iguana.

how to treat scale rot at home

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