How to train your dragon 2 bewilderbeast

He challenges the alpha to protect Hiccup by blasting him repeatedly and throwing him off guard.

how to train your dragon 2 bewilderbeast

After sustaining a barrage of fire blasts from all of Berk's dragons, Toothless then does a critical final blow to the Alpha, which destroys his left horn, humiliating and defeating him. Krogan and Johann encounter it when they try to steal the dragon from its lair beneath Berserker Island.


This force is also said to be weakened when a dragon is distracted by other noises like a human speaking to it. When battling smaller dragons or humans, Bewilderbeasts prefer to attack from the depths of the seas, emerging with a loud roar and decimating their foes with their Ice Breath, stomping on whatever remains.

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how to train your dragon 2 bewilderbeast

Collection items include: Drago's Bewilderbeast lets out a mighty roar and commands all the dragons, including Toothless. They do however exhibit weaker underbelly scales, if any, and can suffer damage from other alpha species dragons.

Drago's Bewilderbeast

At the end of the episode " A Matter of Perspective ", as the Dragon Riders leave Vanaheim , it becomes clear that part of the dragon graveyard includes the fossilized bones of a Great Bewilderbeast, so ancient and massive as to make up part of the landscape of the island. Similar to the rest of his kind, this Bewilderbeast is extremely tough, and can withstand most of the attacks that are fired at him.

how to train your dragon 2 bewilderbeast

The two Bewilderbeasts face-off, but Valka's one lost, only to be impaled by his opponent's horns. It was once unclear whether this ability is a separated ability or is merely one of its behaviors, but it was later revealed that besides possessing hypnosis like abilities based in sound waves , each Bewilderbeast devotes sufficient efforts to gain trust and respect from nest mates, and successes must be accompanied by moralities and the kings' own wills to bring happiness and fortunes to other dragons.

He eventually gains the upper hand and murders the Alpha by stabbing him in the stomach, and he immediately takes control of every dragon in the premises; even Toothless , Stormfly , Hookfang , Meatlug , Barf and Belch , Skullcrusher , Grump , and Cloudjumper are controlled.

how to train your dragon 2 bewilderbeast

This anger that caused him to target everything may go towards innocent, 'happier' beings, especially other members of his own race that may cause him further envy, loathing, and sorrow. Crimson Goregutter: Boosts gathering.

Drago's Bewilderbeast is able to be unlocked as one of the game's Legendary dragons.

how to train your dragon 2 bewilderbeast

Do you like this video? Toothless then had all the dragons attack the evil dragon and later, destroy his horn. Liberated Haulmauler Liberated Whip-Wreck.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 Bewilderbeast Final Battle Set Dreamworks Figure Kids

As Hiccup saves the egg from plummeting to its doom, Krogan takes the egg and tries to escape only to be stopped by Toothless. Additionally, he seems restless and always enraged the dragon's scarred and rather dirty looks indicate he had been through tough moments.

His frills are similar to a dreadlock and are quite different from the other Bewilderbeast seen in the movie.