How to remove white walls from tires

How can I paint or otherwise blacken the raised white letters on tires? Removing White Lettering from Tires Originally Posted by Squirtgun Sorry to say there is no way to completely remove the lettering flipping them is your best bet. You want to steer clear of any harsh household cleaning products, or products that may contain alcohol or chlorine bleach.

Take off your car's hubcaps.

removing whitewalls??

I figure there must be a way to dye the whole sidewall black.... I figured, though, that any solution we came up with here will help others and not just me, so why not hash it out? To start, rubber tires were originally entirely white in color. Apr 11, 2006 Location: Replace hubcaps if you wish, or leave them unattached for a different look.

how to remove white walls from tires

Repeat the process with each tire. I tried the Griot's Bumper and Trim Restorer in a " test spot " and the white shows through. Start with a quality cleaner designed specifically for whitewalls.

How To: Keep Whitewall Tires Clean

Duramax Forum Advertisement. At this stage, I'm not going to get the tires reversed because of cost and the chance the tire shop will do damage or balance the tires improperly.

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how to remove white walls from tires

Dec 9, 2008 16. Best of all, since I am not a pro detailer or a supplier, all of this info comes from an independent, objective and, dare I say, trustworthy source.

How to Blacken Raised White Lettering On Tires

No one is able to find Tire Black in stores but Firestone Tire Centers, according to another forum, have a similar product for commercial use only. They say SEM paint for rubber bumpers might work.

how to remove white walls from tires

It must come down to how you treat them or maybe the tyres you drive on. I'm willing to match this forum against all others for accuracy and usefulness and I'm putting a plug in right now for the International Spam Association.

Emailed Forever Black for info on their Tire Gel but no response so far...